Read, Reread, Repeat: 5 Books to Add to Your Bookshelf

Read, Reread, Repeat: 5 Books to Add to Your Bookshelf

My day job is in marketing for a publishing house in Nashville. Lucky for me, I have access to advance reader’s copies of upcoming releases and a plethora of other books around the office. I have a hefty to-read list to sift through, in part, because I didn’t read many of the classics when I was younger — not even Judy Blume. 

I typically try to read at least one new book every month, but sometimes I can’t resist rereading the favorites. Finding books that encourage you to chase big dreams and to love the people around you well are worth reading…and rereading. I’ve curated a list of books that will translate to many of you in the midst of job hunting and your first couples years of your professional career. These are just brief descriptions to peak your interest — I could never do them justice in summary.

1. The War of Art

If I could recommend only one book, this would be it. Stephen Pressfield has taken note of fear and resistance that stampedes our minds when we are in pursuit of a dream, passion, or calling. This is a book that could easily be read on a monthly basis, because we will always struggle with doubt and comparison when we are in pursuit of creating or doing something we love. This book is geared toward writers but is a wonderful field guide for any type of creative, artist, or business person. 

2. The Art of Work

Like the War of Art, Jeff Goins’ newest release is a wonderful resource for figuring out what your “calling” in life is. Goins presents the idea that discovering our calling is rarely revealed through an epiphany. “Discovering your calling is not an epiphany but a series of intentional decision. It looks less like a giant leap and more like building a bridge.”

3. Man’s Search For Meaning

Let me just warn you, you will feel a lot of feelings reading this particular book. Viktor Frankl recounts his time in Auschwitz during World War II. Pulling from his experiences in the camps, Frankl explains what helps people to find meaning in their lives: a project or craft to work on, loving relationships, and the ability to see the purpose hidden in suffering. 

4. Scary Close

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to work down the hall from Donald Miller’s publicist and snatch an advanced reader’s copy. Scary Close is a candid book that will encourage you to find the courage and the power of being our true selves within the context of our relationships - both friendships and romantic relationships. Miller recounts how he struggled to allow himself to be seen by others without leaning on the crutch of his profession and humor. 

5. Eats, Shoots & Leaves

This one is just for fun. I had to include Eats, Shoots & Leaves for the grammar buffs out there. If you cringe at the misuse of their and they’re and have a strong opinion about Oxford Commas, you’ll love the pithy writing from UK author, Lynne Truss. 

For the record, I’m Team Oxford Comma.

These are just a few favorites that I’ve found to be irreplaceable tenants of my bookshelf. What are some you’d add to the list?

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