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Top 4 Favorite Blogs

Though I run this blog, I can’t say that I follow an extensive list of other blogs regularly. Whoops. However, there are 4 blogs that are my go-tos when I’m in the mood to do some internet readin’.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Currently my favorite adulthood novel (this coming from a girl who feels that definitively picking a favorite book or movie is akin to a mother choosing which of her children she loves most), Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close is a touching narrative about the significance of family, the human experience through love and grief and the real impact a person can have on another’s life.

If You Find This Letter

I began Hannah Brencher's If You Find This Letter the following morning before work, coffee in hand, my feet propped up on the chair in front of me on my balcony.

Two pages in I started crying.

Read, Reread, Repeat: 5 Books to Add to Your Bookshelf

I typically try to read at least one new book every month, but sometimes I can’t resist rereading the favorites. Finding books that encourage you to chase big dreams and to love the people around you well are worth reading…and rereading. I’ve curated a list of books that will translate to many of you in the midst of job hunting and your first couples years of your professional career. These are just brief descriptions to peak your interest — I could never do them justice in summary.

Donald Miller's "Scary Close"

Donald Miller's Scary Close is the kick in the pants you didn't know you needed. But it doesn't feel that way.

Written like a tell-all from your most trusted friend, Miller shares how he's managed to find true intimacy in his friendships, romantic endeavors, canine companion, and every relationship in-between.