"Like A Diamond": A Poem

"Like A Diamond": A Poem

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Crazy how it’s over, right? 

One look at you, one glimpse of your smile

The same smile that greeted me with a kiss on the forehead in the morning

And the same eyes that watched me dance on the cold floor just because


We listened to records while you made me peppermint tea

Do you remember it? 

It was a dream, a 3 month unforgettable dream

One day the memories will be so faint, it’ll be like we never were


Oh how I loved sitting across from you

Eating dinner we cooked together in your small kitchen

In your small house

The one in the scary neighborhood that you almost asked me to move into


And the time I tried on the ring that was supposed to be hers

And our futures flashed before our eyes

And it was scary like the neighborhood was,

Because it was full of what-if and could-be


But there’s no ring now

And some other girl will probably get that one I tried on

Maybe repurposed in a necklace

It’s bad luck if you use the same diamond, I’ve heard


You made me feel like a diamond

Like I was shining bright in your dark life

You told me I was shining

You told me it would work but then it didn’t, and that was the only lie


So we started coming to our senses

Maybe it wasn’t always going to be perfect like it was at first

But it felt good saying I loved you

And it felt good hearing it from your lips too


Because you holding me was better than eternal life, I swore

Tried not to get used to it

But what the hell did we know anyways

It was never going to work out


But I will never not love you

Because you gave me your heart in return for mine

You gave me your secrets and I wanted to save you

But you can’t save somebody who likes drowning, can you?


So now it’s lyrics I can’t finish

All I can salvage is messy unfinished thoughts

Because you still look at me the same way

And I can’t let it hurt, but that look undoes the healing a little bit


You were bad for me, you said

And we both knew it was true

We both knew my soul was slowly dying

It was never going to work out


But damn if I didn’t want it to

Because you holding me was better than eternal life, I swore

And then one night you said it out loud

You were bad for me, you said


And one day I won’t see you anymore

Maybe a girl will have the ring

That I tried on that one time

And I’ll have a better man to love me

And make me feel like a diamond again

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