Life Planning 101: It Never Actually Goes as Planned

Life Planning 101: It Never Actually Goes as Planned

If there is one fact you need to know about me, it's that I plan things.

I find a certain comfort and control in knowing exactly what my next move is, and if something doesn't go "according to plan," DON'T WORRY! My backup plans have backup plans.

Over the past month, I’ve found myself at a huge divide over my future. My original plan was to apply for graduate school in London and spend a year abroad earning my Masters in Public Relations. I even got my passport expedited so I could send in my applications early. I was full speed ahead and not looking back.

So when another opportunity came flying into my windshield unexpectedly, I didn't rubberneck. Instead, I kept driving.

But when this opportunity changed into something more tangible, I had to decide if I would act on this or proceed with my original plan. Quick reminder of my planning habits: As I seek comfort in plans, it means that I don't take deviating from a plan very lightly. THINK OF ALL THE BACKUP PLANS I HAVE TO REWORK!

Needless to say, I had to decide between choosing to pursue this opportunity or forging ahead with my grad school plans. (Y'all, my dad helped me make a Gantt chart so I could get to London by this fall. I was dead set on this.)

This new opportunity could impact the next few years of my life: where I live, whether or not I apply to grad school, everything. My life is divided into two very different flow charts, and all I can do is wait. Nothing I can do will change or expedite the process.

"I just want to know what country I'm going to be living in on December 31, 2015," I often tell my support system. I know what you're probably thinking, and believe me, they all say the same thing: "What an adventure!"

Ha. Haha. When you plan like I do, a foggy crystal ball is anything BUT an adventure.

From this process, I’ve learned that I have to let go of my fears and my inner struggle to map out every single step of my future. I’m slowly learning to surrender my plans, my flow charts and my incessant need for control over my future.

I must trust that whatever is supposed to happen will happen, and in the meantime, I can only live in the present and enjoy my time with the people and places around me.

For now, it feels like my life is a spool of loose ends. Nearly every avenue of my future has a big question mark on it, which can be unsettling. I'm hoping by the time my next post rolls around, I will have some of these big questions resolved. But even if I don’t have any clear-cut answers, I still know that everything will be alright in the end.

P.S. 10 points to Gryffindor if you just caught my Weezer reference.

[Photo by Juliette Kibodeaux.]


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