Why Millennials Just May Change The World

Why Millennials Just May Change The World

How often do we find ourselves preparing for the worst and hoping for the best? In a world shaken by adversity and turmoil, we millennials have put on our battle faces to enter our turbulent society.

As a millennial myself, I have noticed this strange parallel between our schooling years and years post-education. We are, in a way, becoming re-educated and reminded of the important lessons instilled in us over the 12 or 16+ years of institutional education. We are a unique population, newly educated and trained, entering a rather unstable world. Despite this, I firmly believe that we have been incidentally molded for this environment. Our past has presented us obstacles that have serendipitously trained us for this moment—our moment!

Let’s start with Pluto. Back in our day, we had nine planets. I distinctly remember hearing about Pluto’s possible change in classification in a fourth grade classroom. I was devastated; Pluto was my favorite planet! As a child noticeably smaller than my peers, I looked up to this planet who kept up with the other big shots. What did they mean dwarf planet? Does that mean Mickey Mouse’s dog is downgraded to a prairie dog? A puppy? Still, we went on with our day. And when Pluto was officially denounced, we begrudgingly dealt with this devastation, still keeping Pluto in our hearts. That was one of our first lessons: things change.

Equally important, all throughout primary school we were taught: hands to ourselves, respect each other’s personal space, recognize others right to say no. Need I say more?

On a more sobering note, millennials also faced 9/11. Every news station broadcast our neighboring city coated in malicious smoke. Our hearts grieved as we watched our parents pacing the floor. We wondered why our world could be tainted with such viciousness. And then we showed the world our September 12th. Together, we faced another day and rebuilt our city. We leaned on each other and raised one another up. We millennials were taught by example. That year we learned the power of unity and love.

Luckily, we are able to unite instantly through our technological savviness. Although the world has seen an alarming growth in dependence on technology, millennials have also learned how to harness these powers for good. Our communication, being instant, makes us better able to connect, build, and work collaboratively. Having grown up during a technological boom, we are learning how to advance our work to create a growing network of individuals across the globe!

Finally, we learned how to fight for others instead of with others. With online fundraising platforms flooding our Facebook feeds, millennials are embracing our ability to crowdfund and stand up for what we believe in. I had the best morning watching the news yesterday, when three back-to-back stories revolved around local charity work. A high school football team baked pies for the hungry, a woman was honored for her work with the homeless, and a young man raised $500 for a wonderful foundation. That is who we are.

We are being tested. It is time to show how much we studied for this exam. We are capable of dealing with change, respecting boundaries, working together, and giving back. Millennials are ready to put our tools to work. So, here we go!

Ready, set, CHANGE.


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