TUESDAY TUNES: Songs for Chore Night

TUESDAY TUNES: Songs for Chore Night

Your apartment is probably, definitely, absolutely a mess.

I mean, if it’s not, good on you for actually cleaning over the weekend. Or for having the wherewithal to keep up with yourself on the daily. But if you’re like me, you spent your weekend snoozing your alarm, not taking the trash out, forgetting to fold your laundry, and in the back of your mind wondering how your parents ever did it all; and then you went back to work on Monday and stared down another five days of being “too tired” after a “long day” to clean when you got home.

The thing is, I do like cleaning. It’s a commitment of time and energy, sure, and knowing that, it tends to be the last thing I make time for. But when I actually put the effort forward, when I sigh and get off the couch and pick up the Clorox, I get it done and I enjoy it and I’m happier when I’m finished.

Because every time I get my space looking right, I’m reminded of the privilege it is to call a space my own. I am carving out a corner of the world that is mine to take care of, mine to invest in, mine to commit to. I have landed in the place where I have, for so long, wanted to land. I have found my way into the life I longed for and now it is up to me to steward it well.

There is so much in my life that I can’t control, so much I have trouble letting go of and trusting in. But a clean apartment? That’s on me. And I can handle it.

Paying rent is hard, and I don’t remember dust collecting this quickly when I was a kid. But having a place to live and love and grow in—whether it’s a rented apartment, a long-term home, or a sublet in between—is a privilege that I don’t want to go unchecked. So if you’re with me, pour yourself a drink, cancel your plans, and crank the speakers.

It’s chores night and it’s gonna rock.

“Dream of Mickey Mantle” // Bleachers

This is the track that gets you off the couch and on your feet before you even realize how motivated you are. By the time you hit that drum pickup after the first chorus, you’ll be dancing broom in hand.

“Stuck Like Glue” // Sugarland

This song is all springtime to me, all fresh air and windows open. Break out the Windex and get that glass sparkly clean while you sample the harmony part on this one.

“Junk” // Vivienne Chi

You’re dusting off shelves, wiping down surfaces, and ohhhh THAT’S where you put that stack of receipts/hid those old takeout containers when Mom came to visit/put that so-uncomfortable-but-so-cute pair of heels! Get rid of the junk, girl. And then move on.

“Juice” // Ycee ft. Maleek Berry

Ideally at this point, you’ve had many glasses of wine, the apartment is starting to smell all clean, and you are sliding across clean floors in your socks as smooth as this song sounds. (You know you’ve been wanting to.)

“Lookin’ For” // Digital Farm Animals ft. Danny Ocean

Boppy enough to get you through whatever task you put off til the end, chill enough to savor when you finally flop back on the couch and admire your handiwork. You live in this space. It’s yours, for today. And it looks damn good in here.

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