True to Your Heart

True to Your Heart

Why is it so hard to follow your heart? Is it just me? Surely not.

We hear people telling us all the time to follow our hearts. I mean, I grew up listening to the lyrics of 98 degrees and the great Stevie Wonder from the Disney classic Mulan.

“Open your eyes, your heart can tell you no lies.

And when you’re true to your heart

I know its gonna lead you straight to me.”

The older I get, the more I realize that Stevie has left me with a difficult task.

In Mulan’s case these lyrics are in the name of love. But in my current state, these lyrics aren’t leading me to love (unless of course it wants to, in which case that would be fine too), but to a career.

I graduated college a little more than a week ago and the pressure is real. As much as I loved living that college life, I was ready to move on.

But my problem is I don’t know what to move on to. My degree has led me to endless possibilities, and I have recently been struggling with letting go of the plan I thought I wanted. I had plans to pursue a degree in a certain field that would result in job security, a decent salary, and flexibility. Why wouldn’t I want that?

However, the closer it gets to taking steps in the direction of this career, the more I realize my heart may not be completely in it. I am unsure of my motives here. Am I really being true to my heart? The simple answer here is this: I’m not sure.

So recently I have decided to take the time to make sure that I am confident of where I’m headed. As a self-proclaimed Type A/Monica Gellar, it’s hard to not know what is next. I like a plan. I like structure and organization. I like checking things off my list and doing things efficiently.

Letting go of a plan and trusting that following my heart will lead me to happiness is the hardest thing for me. But there is also beauty in letting go and enjoying the journey.

If it worked out for Mulan, it will work out for me too, right?! 

“I know I can’t be alone. There must be more of you who feel the same way. So,

When things are getting' crazy

And you don't know

where to start

Keep on believin', baby

Just be true to your heart.”

Don’t let me down Stevie. I’m trusting you. 

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