TUESDAY TUNES: Songs for When You're In A Life Transition

TUESDAY TUNES: Songs for When You're In A Life Transition

Welcome to Tuesday Tunes, our new monthly series where we’ll be bringing you songs to match whatever challenge or triumph you may be facing as you navigate life in your twenties.

I love a good movie montage. Climbing the stairs in Rocky, learning to bicycle kick in She’s the Man, that weird cartoon bit in 500 Days of Summer—I’m here for all of them. They can feel lengthy or fluffy, or like they’re just holding us in place until the next good part, but there’s a certain triumph to them. Montages are where characters transform and grow, where relationships start clicking into place, where problems show signs of resolution. And they always have great soundtracks. Boppy, a little bit nostalgic, celebratory for this moment and for whatever might be ahead. A particular musical vibe, but an unmistakable one.

I’m in a transition place, and I desperately want to not be. I feel on hold, and I want to get to the good part, where I live on my own in a cool apartment with a comfortable salary. On the other hand, the last years of transition have allowed me to grow into wonderful relationships and fulfilling work. These years haven’t been anything to skip over. They’ve been full. Long, and wearing, but also joyous and real. There’s learning for me here, and so many important people, and I can feel myself transforming, however slowly, into the woman I’ve always hoped to be.

It’s a very particular feeling. I don’t think I’d trade it. Maybe these years are my montage. If so, they need a soundtrack. Let the songs below be our backdrop for however long it takes us to get to the good part. The good part might be right now.

“Love and Memories” // O.A.R.

If we’re going to mention She’s the Man and “montage” in the same breath, this track is an essential. It’s perfect for the montage of you preparing for That Thing At Work. You know the one. It might not be a bicycle kick, but it’s sucking the life out of you, and you just have to get it right. When you do, flip your hair and this song will play you off.

“All Things” // Betty Who

Betty Who has some real bangers, and this one is sadly only two minutes long—but that’s the perfect length for a movie montage! This is my new go-to for going-out nights, when I risk a bright lip or high heels, and need a quick solo dance party in my room to gear myself up to get out. (The Queer Eye boys would approve.)

“June, After Dark” // Elliot Root

New York City feels almost like home these days. Finally. From the smelly transit system to the way the sun sets just right, I have such affection for this weirdo city. This song is for that moment in the montage when you throw your arms wide and take a spin on the sidewalk as if no one’s looking.

“You Taste Like Wine” // The Collection

This feels like a no-brainer for the Big Idea montage. You’re finally going through with it! Something hasn’t been right, and you’ve landed on just the right solution! You’re Elle Woods studying for the LSAT, you’re passing out fliers for the big fundraiser, you’re setting your best friend up on that perfect blind date. The bright cymbal beat clips along to keep you solving problems like the world-changer you are.

“It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” // The 1975

So that first date went... actually well. And now I’m suddenly Dating Someone? We’re exploring new neighborhoods together? And calling that one bar “ours,” and hanging out at each other’s places, and missing each other when we’re apart? Huh. That escalated quickly. This song is for that montage of bright, beautiful moments you never expected to get to share.

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