OUR FAVORITE THINGS: Cold War Kids' "Hold My Home"

OUR FAVORITE THINGS: Cold War Kids' "Hold My Home"

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I’m over-the-top ecstatic to share my love for Cold War Kid’s latest album, Hold My Home, as I’ve been waiting to brag about my obsession with this musical gem since its release last year. It is the fifth studio album by trio of baes Nathan Willett (vocalist, guitarist, pianist), Matt Maust (bassist), and Jonnie Russell (guitarist).

Cold War Kids are just about everything you want to hear from the alternative genre and bring me right back to the days when I first began to listen to alt-music and realized it was the coolest thing ever (and also thought I was the coolest thing ever…).

And surprise!!! Hold My Home features the talents of guitarist Dann Gallucci and drummer Joe Plummer (both of Modest Mouse) basically making all of your indie-dreams come true. As if being in a rock band isn’t cool enough, Cold War Kids have this certain soulful twang that truly separates them from the rest, and their sound will resonate within you just about as loudly as I’ve blasted this album for the past several months.

My favorite song on Hold My Home is “First;” the hook hits every right nerve in every right way and gives me all of the chills and that same feisty feeling that The Who’s “Baba O’Riley” and Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life” did when I heard them for the first time. “First” has been on a continuous loop every time I’m in the car, in the shower, and essentially whenever I have an outlet to play music on. Like, some songs you get sick of, but nope not this one not now not ever. The other single off of the album, “All This Could Be Yours,” has a back-beat that will keep your head banging as well. What I love the most about this band is their lyrics (“It’s time to carve out a place in the sun,” …like if that isn’t pure beauty, then what is?!). Also the song “Hold My Home,” which this brilliant line comes out of, talks about London so #bless.

Putting my overwhelming bias for these few songs aside, it’s honestly quite difficult to pick out any other faves from the album because I’m obsessed with the entire thing.

Like the entire…thing…

When new albums come out, I often find myself trying to listen to each track instead of only the hit-singles, and it’s so hard for a band to not have a few repetitive songs (I mean, there are only so many chords you can put together, right?!). But Cold War Kids – (although with their very own distinguished sound) - somehow manage to make each song unique in its own way, from the instrumentals to the vocals to the way the song just hits you. I couldn’t say enough fabulous things about this album, but don’t take my word for it; listen for yourself! (And try to act like you’re not screaming along to “First,” after the third time you play it…).

Hold My Home ranked #8 on both the US Billboard Top Alternative and Independent Album charts. I’d be a groupie for this band any day (JK) ((except not JK-ing in the least).

Honorable Mentions:

“Passing the Hat” off of Robbers and Cowards (2007)

“Something Is Not Right with Me” off of Loyalty to Loyalty (2008)

“Hang Me Up to Dry” off of Robbers and Cowards (2007)

“Louder Than Ever” off of Mine Is Yours (2011)

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