Today Is Our 3rd Blog Birthday (+ A Sale & Free Print)

Today Is Our 3rd Blog Birthday (+ A Sale & Free Print)

A couple of months ago, I got drinks with two former co-workers. As we sat outside on the patio in the cool Tennessee autumn, I thanked one of my co-workers, Christina, for ordering a copy of Windrose. And in the nature of small world stories, she told me that she had only recently made the connection that I ran That First Year, as she actually had been reading the blog for a while because she had gone to school in Boston with one of our writers, Melissa.


And THEN, to warm my heart even more, my other co-worker’s friend joined us. She and I made the connection that we had a mutual acquaintance, and I mentioned that this friend had written for my blog before.

“Oh, That First Year?” she asked.

BE STILL MY HEART. Two people who knew about That First Year not because I had assaulted them with talking about it over and over again on my personal social media?!

Today marks three years of That First Year: three years of having the opportunity to steward the stories of more than 100 contributors, stories read by more than 31,000 people from all over the world.

In that period, we’ve released a collection of essays, supported art by my incredibly talented friend Lane, created a print magazine, Windrose, that supported the Houston Food Bank with its profits, and, most importantly, we’ve shared hundreds of stories that hopefully speak to directly to you: You’re struggling with making friends in a new city? You’re not alone. You’re anxious about finances? You’re not alone. You’re questioning whether your dream job is actually your dream after all? You’re not alone. I want, more than anything, for this li’l internet space to be a place of community, a place of support, a place that assures you that whatever trials or questions you may be facing in this dizzying life period of being in your twenties, you are not alone; we’re right here in the trenches with you.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many of you—from brunches in NYC to layovers in D.C. to lunches in Dallas and tea in Nashville. The friendships that have come from this space are the coolest part to me, and I’m hopeful to be able to connect with and support all of you the way that y’all have supported That First Year over the years.

I’m super excited for this upcoming year—already I have a bajillion ideas for the blog and I’m crazy stoked for y’all to see the second issue of Windrose.

Thank you to everyone who has written for, read, and supported That First Year—I’d gift you all kittens if I could.

Here’s to another year of stories.

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We’re also treating you guys to a Windrose sale + a free print!


Buy one print mag, get the second for $5 off! Just use the code HBD2US at checkout to receive $5 off your order of two (or more… go crazy!) print issues of Windrose.


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Sale ends tomorrow, Tuesday 12/19 at midnight!


With any Windrose order (print or digital), get this free Awake My Soul downloadable print.

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Genres: The Toll of Anxiety

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Joy, Laughter, and Unconditional Love