Why You're Not Accomplishing Your Goals (and How to Start)

Why You're Not Accomplishing Your Goals (and How to Start)

(This post originally appeared on Tori's personal blog, Victori Media.)

It’s the beginning of a new season in your life. You’re committed to getting more clients, making more money, having more of an impact in your community. You’re setting your goals, your intentions, making your “must accomplish” list.

Flash-forward: It’s the end of the month. It’s halfway through the year. It’s December 31. Those goals you set? Halfway done or never touched. No progress. What gives?

I’m a fan of goals. I write them down in the front of every notebook I’ll touch. I had a few concrete ones for my business this year: launch my blog, get interviewed on a podcast, speak on a panel, have an article on another publication about my career, start monetizing my blog… When I first made this list, I didn’t know how any of these were going to get crossed off. They all seemed lofty and unattainable.

And yet, I will accomplish all of them by autumn.

Earlier this year, my blog launch was the only thing completed. I had made no progress on my other must-dos and didn’t know why. Why weren’t podcast hosts reaching out to me? Why was no one interested in hearing my thoughts on a panel or in an interview? I was creating quality content, was updating my website and social profiles, and had a contact page! Where were all those emails?

Chances are, you’ve thought something similar:

“I’m not getting any leads for clients.”

“I’m a freelance writer, but no one is asking to feature my work.”

“I thought a recruiter would have had me in mind for that job.”

“No brands have reached out to partner with me.”

Here’s the tough love that I didn’t want to hear (but absolutely needed to know): no one is going to present you anything on a silver platter.

You’re thinking, “Well yeah, I know that. It takes hard work.”

But working hard is not enough.

Even if you produce incredible content, provide innovative services, work hard at your job — no one notices. Harsh, but true.

Every year, I pick a quote. This quote has (and will) be my driving force, something I return to when I’m stuck:

“A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.”

How did I get interviewed by a podcast? I connected with a podcast host on Twitter and I pitched myself. How did I find a blogger to talk to me about my career? She wrote for the same publication I did, and I pitched myself. How did I land a panel at an international conference? I pitched myself.

How do I get digital marketing clients? I do my research and contact them first. How do I get paid the market rate for those services? I negotiate and demand what’s fair.

You are the master of your own destiny. You make it happen. Be vulnerable. Go out there and pitch yourself. Do your homework, tell your story, and offer yourself up to the universe.

Ask that potential mentor out to coffee. Present a new idea to your boss (or better yet, ask for the raise that’s long overdue.) Reach out to a brand for partnership. Email that blog for a collaboration.

“A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.”


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