Keep Going: Thoughts on Celebrating Four Years of Windrose

Keep Going: Thoughts on Celebrating Four Years of Windrose

Keep going.

Those were the words that came to mind when I sat down at this desk decorated with cactus wall art and an F. Scott Fitzgerald quote print. I closed my eyes, took a sip of my third-time-reheated coffee, and asked: What do I write?

And that’s when “keep going” waved me down on the side of my brain highway.

I tried to learn Arabic a couple of years ago. Once a week, I met in a classroom with other adult students, all there for different reasons to learn a language so foreign from their own. By the end, the only phrase I learned was “Ana Ally, ana min madinat Nashville”—“I’m Ally, I’m from the city of Nashville.” I gave up before the class semester even ended.

For a few months last year, I regularly attended Pilates classes. I felt empowered to become a “strong woman” (my favorite phrase to tell others) through these classes. I haven’t been to a class in over a year.

One of my goals this year was to write an essay about every trip I took. It’s December, and I still haven’t written about my trip to Canada from June.

I have given up on so many things.

Keep going isn’t exactly my life motto. I’m an instant-results girl, which is why cooking and 5-o’clock traffic bring me such mental anguish.

But today Windrose is celebrating four years of existing in this li’l Internet space—four years of stories told of navigating the challenges and triumphs of life in your twenties.

I’ll be honest (this blog is like my favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant anyways: a safe space)—the question of “should I give up?” has whispered itself to me a few times during these four years. Windrose is no media empire by any means. The Windrose team has fluctuated over the years in time investment and passion for the project.

But we keep going.

And in this going-keeping, we’ve made it to four years. In this going-keeping, we’ve shared essays from hundreds of writers on the blog, created an e-book, published two issues of Windrose Magazine, rebranded (hello Windrose, farewell That First Year), hosted brunches and parties, and launched a successful Kickstarter.

But most importantly in this going-keeping, we’ve formed a community of people willing to say, “Hey, you’re not alone in what you’re feeling. I feel that way too.” And that is what is most meaningful to me—the actual, real life friends that have formed because of Windrose.

I imagine there’s something that you’re ready to throw your hands up in frustration about and shout (in your mind or out loud), “I GIVE UP!” before hopping on the nearest train and living life as a follow-the-wind nomad. Maybe a job that challenges you, a relationship that requires continual confrontation & communication, a dream that just seems a li’l too big for your britches.

I offer you the same encouragement: keep going.

Even when it’s hard. Even when the results aren’t instant. Even when you have to wait for God-knows-how-long before you see any sort of fruit from your efforts.

Keep going.

So what’s next for Windrose?

We’ll continue to share stories of life in your twenties and we’ll continue to show up in your inbox with weekly reflections. Hopefully we’ll be able to share another issue of Windrose Magazine with you next year!

But today we’re celebrating 4 years with fun things:

>> Today is the final day to enter our Windrose Birthday Book Haul Giveaway!

>> Today is the LAST DAY to grab your copy of Windrose Magazine for just $10! That’s a friggin’ steal. Windrose makes an excellent Christmas or graduation gift!

Thank you, thank you for being a part of the Windrose community!

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